A cross-browser web based technology platform that runs in majority of popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Apple safari 5+, Google Chrome 12+ & Opera 10+. System has been tested extensively on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS based browsers.
Instant Analytics
Focuses on developing new insights and understanding of user performance based on data and statistical methods. Analytics makes extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis.
Prevents Cheating
We offer different set of features that can individually reduce cheating in online assessment. Based on various studies and papers, we provide random assessment set, random questions from a pool, reorder the questions and options for each participant, making it difficult to cheat at multiple stages in a given time.
Real-Time Monitoring
With real-time monitoring, you can determine what is happening on candidate's side during the assessment. Monitoring data includes Internet connection status, window switching, multiple login detection, IP tracking of the participants and more.
Disaster Proof
Detects and handles various unexpected situations like power failure, Internet failure, impersonation, browser problem and more. The platform is designed to be as robust as possible to ensure smooth user experience.
Lightweight Footprint
This platform is fast, small and still full of features. It works well under low Internet bandwidth and unreliable connectivity as it transmits and receives minimum data. Small footprint and minimal processing on participant's side ensures a fast and effective user experience.
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